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SWEETWOODS partner Graanul Biotech new name and brand is FIBENOL

SWEETWOODS partner Graanul Biotech new name and brand is FIBENOL

SWEETWOODS partner Graanul Biotech is changing both the company name and the brand as FIBENOL – „Rethinking the wood bioprocessing industry to deliver MORE from LESS“. To learn what we mean by that, have a look at

So far Graanul Biotech has been a part of Graanul Group –best known for sustainable bioenergy solutions, pellet production and forestry management. Although we are relying on the same foundation – sustainably managed forests – our approach to wood processing is different.

We are really glad to announce that our unique wood fractionation flagship plant project has turned out to be a success and we have reached targeted process performance milestones, which allows us to proceed towards industrialization of the concept.

We have been asked a lot about our targets and timeline. We already successfully commissioned the unique fractionation system at the end of 2020 and we are now in the middle of scaling up the downstream processing part of the plant, to be commissioned by the end of 2022. All this results in industrial supply of hardwood derived cellulosic sugars, high purity hydrolytic lignin LIGNOVA™ and unique non Kraft fibre derived micro crystalline cellulose with different purity grades. Meanwhile, we are operating our downstream processing pilot plant to produce and supply up to ton scale samples for testing. Updated product data sheets can be shared in our follow-up discussions.

Sustainability is a complex story that we aim to present in a transparent and easy to understand manner. Our sustainability concept backbone is built on decades long mechanical wood processing experience and bioenergy sector related regulative framework, meaning environmental feasibility has always been one of our core values – starting with raw material acceptance only from FSC and PEFC certified forests, minimization of resource use throughout the logistics and wood processing value chains, while improving our daily contribution in socio-environmental aspects. Our biorefinery life cycle analysis will be transparent and soon available to all partners.

We are on a really exciting journey so far and with the new identity FIBENOL we aim to set new standard for the quality and consistency of supply of sustainable bio-based raw materials to enable You bring the much-needed innovation to the market.

Graanul Biotech update webinar on the progress in Imavere

SWEETWOODS coordinator held a webinar presentation recently in the Lignocity platform (link). Lignocity is a unique collaboration between RISE Research Institute of Sweden, Paper Province, the Municipality of Kristinehamn and Karlstad University focusing on different aspects of lignin valorization.

Peep Pitk touched the topics of our flagship plant construction progress, product qualities and gave an outlook for the future.