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May 28, 2024

Fibenol & SWEETWOODS flagship Inaguration Event

Last week we took a moment to reflect on the journey of the SWEETWOODS projects and how far we have come. Thank you to all the partners and friends for joining us on this day. Your support shows that the bioeconomy is moving in the right direction. While much work is still ahead, we have already achieved some important milestones.


“I am very proud of the SWEETWOODS achievements under the leadership of Fibenol. The biorefinery is spurring the creation of a new bio-based industry and innovation hub in Imavere focused on forestry-based chemicals and materials. It is creating jobs and boosting the regional economy. This is a clear example of circular bioeconomy in action.” – Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU) Executive Director Nicoló Giacomuzzi-Moore.

“The SWEETWOODS project has been an excellent showcase of solutions-oriented public-private hashtag#partnership, which has built a strong foundation for innovation throughout value chains. Fibenol flagship biorefinery has established itself as a cornerstone of the bio-based economy for the future. As proof, several projects already use our products as feedstock for their novel bioprocesses, materials, and chemical production to reduce their SCOPE 3 CO2 emissions. Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to our journey so far—it has been a joyful ride,” – Peep Pitk, CDO of Fibenol.

The journey is not only about Fibenol and Sweetwoods but also about the united efforts we make in the industry to move beyond using fossil-based material.