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Jun 1, 2021

SWEETWOODS lignin new value-chain

SWEETWOODS biorefinery lignin has entered a new value-chain through the BBI JU flagship project VIOBOND.

SWEEDWOODS leading partner Graanul Biotech is the partner supplying different lignin qualities to the VIOBOND consortium for the development of a new lignin phenol-formaldehyde resin plant. The project aims to replace fossil-derived materials with bio-based alternatives in the production of furniture, floor coverings, thermal insulation, sandpaper and other everyday products. The project combines knowledge and experience in lignin, wood processing, energy, engineering and other fields of scientific research and industrial production.

For more information read the VIOBOND press release: The VIOBOND consortium will replace fossil resources with renewable lignin in everyday consumer products

High purity lignin

High purity lignin